City of Knoxville


A Resolution authorizing the Mayor to amend Contract No. C-12-0001 with CDM Smith, Inc. for access improvements to the I-275 Business Park, increasing the contract amount by $158,818.00 for a new contract total of $914,318.00, and extending the date of completion.





District 6 (Gwen McKenzie)



Construction of I-275 in the 1950s left the adjacent local streets disconnected with no surface route parallel to the new interstate. The access to commercial and industrial properties along this corridor was difficult. Building off the “I-275/North Central St. Corridor Study” prepared by MPC in 2007, a staff team of City, MPC, KCDC and the Industrial Development Board refined the concept of creating a continuous frontage road from 17th Street to Baxter Avenue in order to support redevelopment along the corridor. This is to be accomplished by building two new sections of roadway parallel with I-275.  One new roadway section extends Blackstock Avenue from W. Fifth Avenue to Bernard Avenue and the other improves Marion Street from Bernard Avenue to Baxter Avenue.  The design contract also allowed for conceptual design of the following:  Dale Avenue and Blackstock Avenue improvements between 17th Street and Western Avenue, Blackstock Avenue from Dale Avenue at Western Avenue to W. Fifth Avenue, Baxter Avenue improvements at Marion Street, Baxter Avenue at I-275 access to I-40 west-bound, University Avenue and Fifth Avenue intersection, University Avenue and Bernard Avenue intersection and a greenway location study from Blackstock Avenue to Baxter Avenue. 


This contract supplement is a result of additional services necessary to complete the design and perform construction inspection services on this project. The additional design services are detailed in the attached correspondence from CDM Smith dated July 18, 2019, which include design modifications to the Blackstock Extension and Marion Street plans, design of improved sidewalk, curb and drainage on the south side of Baxter Avenue, design of improvements to Dameron Avenue, Val Street and 5th Avenue to provide improved access to adjacent properties, design of the extension of bike lanes on 5th Avenue, a full hydraulic analysis of Second Creek at Baxter Avenue to allow for recommended improvements to the existing box culvert under Baxter Avenue at Second Creek and the adjustment of the Construction Engineering Inspection (CEI) services. 


This contract supplement increases the contract amount to allow for additional design fees of approximately $89,385 and an increase in CEI fees of $72,433 due to an incremental change in the CDM Smith fee structure and the extension of the construction duration.




Approve or deny.




The anticipated bid date is Fall of 2019 and construction is scheduled to be complete within 18 months of the start of construction.


R-206-2011 on July 12, 2011 authorized Contract No. C-12-0001 with Wilbur Smith Associates (now CDM Smith) in an amount not to exceed $559,800. 
R-55-2016 increased the design contract amount to $755,500.


Funding for design, right-of-way acquisition and construction is provided from a HPP Federal Grant (80%) and from the City (20%).  The City’s 20% match is budgeted under the I-275 Business Park Access Improvements line item in the Capital Improvements Budget.


AIS prepared by: George Daws, P.E., Civil Engineering Division, 215-6121.


Meeting History

Aug 27, 2019 6:00 PM  City Council Regular Meeting
MOVER:George C. Wallace, At-Large Seat A
SECONDER:Mark Campen, Fifth District
AYES:Mark Campen, Gwen McKenzie, Lauren Rider, Andrew Roberto, Finbarr Saunders, Seema Singh, George C. Wallace
ABSENT:Stephanie Welch
AWAY:Marshall Stair